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shingle repairs

Sometimes mother nature does a number on your roof. Wind damage is a common problem. Our contractors are certified by several manufacturers to properly repair your roof, one shingle or full replacement. We diagnose the problem, and provide reasonable repairs. If you need a roof repair in Atlanta or the surrounding areas, Shelter Guard Exteriors is the clear choice.


flashing Repair

Leaks are a funny thing. They can start one place, and present in an entirely different area. Our contractors have years of experience diagnosing leaks. Flashings get damaged or worn out, and sometimes they were never installed properly to begin with. We can diagnose, repair or replace almost any flashing problem you have.

Chimney caps

If you have a chimney repair needed in Atlanta, Georgia you have found the right company. We can inspect, repair, or replace chimney caps. We custom fabricate these metal caps and shrouds in many colors.


Mortar caps Repair and Tuckpointing

Some chimneys have metal caps, some brick chimneys have mortar caps. Over time, these mortar caps can become cracked and damaged. We can repair or replace the mortar cap, and seal it for years to come. Tuckpointing refers to replacing the mortar between bricks. It’s common in Atlanta for water to get trapped in between bricks, freeze, and damage the brick. We can fix this, if it’s caught in time. Not repairing this damage can result in brick spalling and possibly even falling off the chimney.

Exterior Trim Repair

Exterior trim is like the icing on the cake. When it looks bad, the whole house looks unkempt. We can replace damaged trim. Repair carpenter bee holes, or add new trim to change the look of the house! If you need exterior trim replaced in Atlanta, Georgia, you have found the best company to do the job.


Fascia, Soffit, and siding repairs

Gutter and roof leaks can cause unsightly damage to your soffit and fascia (the area just under the roof, and behind the gutter ) If not repaired properly, your gutters can pull away from the house, or even fall off! Call us today for all your exterior repairs!

Deck Repairs

Do you have loose deck boards? Afraid to walk on your deck stairs? We can repair or replace your deck. Whether you choose composite, or treated lumber, we gotcha covered!


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Real Gutter Repair and Roof Repair Reviews From Happy Customers


Gutter Repair and Roof Repair In Atlanta GA

I was very pleased with Shelter Guard Exteriors Gutter Repair and Roof repair. Nick was informative and went above and beyond. They were super quick and they showed me the before and after. I'll be using them again and recommending them to friends.

Maria C.

Gutter Repair and Roof Repair Atlanta GA

They were very responsive after I contacted them. They were able to come out to my place the very same day of contacting them, and then doing the necessary repairs on the spot. It was an absolute pleasure working with Shelter Guard Exterior Gutter Repair and Roof Repair. Hassle free! Their pricing was very reasonable too. I would definitely be using them again..

Ruhann L.

Gutter Repair and Roof Repair In Atlanta

James from Shelter Guard Gutter Repair and Roof Repair was quick and responsive. He followed up with me and was very professional. I was worried about nests on my gutters, but it was no problem for him. I will definitely use his Gutter Repair and Roof Repair services again!.

Robyn F.

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